Gallery MOMO

– Parktown North, Johannesburg –

Gallery Momo, to some extents, is a suburban house turned inside out, its most prime contents turned to drive-by high-speed display. A typical 1940’s suburban house on one of Joburg’s fast-mutating house>shop strips becomes a container, decipherable at speed. There is as little as possible to distract or confuse the eye.

A gallery involves conceptual space rather than the confining dictates posed by the domestic environment. What becomes interesting is architectural space as an experience of continual “between-ness”. Walls do not exist as containers – they are remnants of the old internal walls of a house, but they detach from their moorings and leave gaps between themselves in such a way that insides – “bounded interiors” – are suggested but not made. This makes a kind of scenography through which one move and the art works dispose of themselves.






The above includes selected photos by Tristan McLaren.

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Gallery MOMO

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