Troyeville Skate Park


The rink was conceived in direct response to the gorgeously beautiful Ellis Park Athletics Stadium visible across the valley, together with the enormous Coca Cola signage on the top of Ponte. It is really a landscape work of many curves. It is robust. The Rink was featured in Radical Landscapes, re-inventing outdoor space, Jane Amidon, Thames & Hudson 2001.

Troyeville is a special place, with a history spanning the Foster Gang, the early days of the mining camp, trams, the Struggle, the murder of the activist David Webster, many layers of immigrants. Latterly Italian and Portuguese families have given way to strong Mozambican occupation. Ethiopians and Angolans are here too. So are many of the artists, writers and architects who have been here since the early 80’s.





Public Work

Troyeville Skate Park